How To Write Essay On Population Explosion

While writing a population growth essay might seem like a gift from your teacher, you do not have to see it as such. The topic might be simple, and there are tons of materials available. But you are expected to produce something unique from what is already available to stand out.

Now, the question is; how can you make your essay on increasing population stand out? Let us look at tips that will help out.

  1. Spend time on the research
  2. While your aim might be to draft your paper from scratch, you also have to rely on other people's work. This is one of the reasons to conduct in-depth research. The fact is, at this point, you will not be relying on just one source for your paper. Conduct offline and online searches, and visit your school library for books on population whether old or new.

    You can read scholarly articles and journals online but cite the most recent source. Another point you need to note is that if your paper is to examine population growth of certain part of the world say the United States of America, your research should focus on population growth from the creation of the country, causes of overpopulation, the effect of population growth on the economy and others. Come up with different sub-topics that will make your paper more detailed.

    You need to think outside the box when writing an essay. If you can brainstorming and get your sources right, the result would reflect on your paper.

  3. Introduce the subject
  4. The manner in which you write your introduction would determine if readers will be interested in your paper. So make it captivating. Remember you are writing for others to read and want the best grade. When drafting your simple essay on population, consider the following tips.


    • Begin with a hook or attention grabber. However, you hook you use is entirely up to you; it could be any type of hooks such as the question, statistics, and anecdote.
    • Make sure the attention grabber or hook forces people to read thesis statement.
    • Make your hook brief and relevant to your topic.
    • Writing your thesis statement.
  5. Discuss the data
  6. Data collection on population essay writing. And after collecting data, the next step would be to conduct an analysis. Also, you have to discuss the data at length. Let your readers know the aim of the analysis. State how you got the data and result of your analysis. In addition, you also have to state the main reason for the trend. For instance, why is the population growth in China higher than that of the United States of America?

  7. Draw your conclusion
  8. Whether you are writing a population essay in English or another language, they all would have the same conclusion. At this point, you should not try to restate new ideas but impress the writer with a well-written summary. In fact, this part of your paper should accomplish the following:

    • Restate your main idea or thesis statement
    • Leave readers with a lasting impression before parting ways with your paper
    • Summarize your points making it simple for readers to grab

Even if you are preparing to present a speech on population, you still need to do concrete research. The thing is this topic is broad but you can present something great. You have to engage in proper research and organize your ideas to be able to deliver the best paper. The tips above will give you inspiration for your essay.