Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

The most important idea you need to keep in mind when identifying and contrasting essay topics for students is choosing ideas that lie in the same field. Let us dive straight to the catchiest and compare and contrast essay topics that will glue you to what students write. Check them out:

  • Twitter versus Facebook platforms
  • Part-time job students versus students with no part-time jobs
  • Extroverts versus introverts
  • Harvard versus Oxford
  • Dating online versus dating in real-life
  • Textbooks versus e-books
  • The ideas of Washington versus those of Lincoln
  • Non-fiction versus fiction books
  • Online buying versus buying at malls
  • Communication via phone versus communication via Skype
  • Private houses versus flat houses
  • Distinctions between argumentative and persuasive essays
  • Startup work versus work in big corporations  
  • Video games versus outdoor ones
  • Distinctions between renaissance and baroque

Comparing and Contrasting Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Stalin versus Hitler
  • Impact of earthquakes versus the effects of volcanic eruptions
  • Similarities between geography and geology
  • World war I versus world war II
  • Comparison between two famous historical figures
  • The current versus the past politics in America
  • Effectiveness of sports of weight loss versus the efficacy of diet on weight loss
  • Paper books versus audiobooks
  • Gold mineral versus silver mineral
  • Spring season versus autumn season
  • Friendship versus love
  • Bicycles versus cars
  • Private institutions versus public ones
  • Wealth versus fame
  • Distinctions between illegal information and legal information

Comparing and Contrasting Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Passing the time through reading versus passing the time through computer gaming
  • Printed photos versus Instagram photos
  • Face-to-face communication versus messaging
  • Sightseeing versus seaside sunbathing
  • Your lifestyle versus that of your celebrity
  • Dogs versus cats
  • Outdoor versus indoor playing
  • Teacher versus doctor relationships
  • Flying versus swimming
  • Badminton versus tennis
  • Comparison between two Shakespeare plays
  • Comparison between two famous writers
  • Quotes of renown personalities
  • Appropriateness of gift and money as birthday presents
  • Comparison between two characters in the Harry Potter books  

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Laundry versus dishwashing
  • Cat preference versus dog preference
  • Traditional photographs versus selfies
  • Farm life versus city life
  • Novel versus comic
  • Learnability of boys versus that of girls
  • Elephant versus lion behaviors
  • Library versus Internet
  • Grapefruit versus orange
  • Fear versus courage
  • Desire versus the strength of will
  • Comparison between English and French gardens

Art History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Chinese art versus Buddhist art
  • Japan versus Korea
  • Fan painting versus screen painting
  • Marx versus Plato ideology
  • Neorealism versus classical
  • 3D versus 2D
  • Comparison of 18th-century art
  • World war II versus I
  • Calligraphy in Japan
  • Politics in19th versus 20th century
  • Comparison between Rose and Picasso’s blue periods
  • Comparison between various Greece methodologies
  • American versus Cultural revolution  

Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Basketball versus baseball
  • Men’s basketball versus women’s basketball
  • A cricketer versus a footballer
  • Swimming versus tennis
  • Comparison between two athletes in a similar sporting activity
  • Snowboarding versus sandboarding
  • Traditional climbing versus ice climbing
  • Water volleyball versus beach volleyball
  • Wheelchair basketball versus Paralympic volleyball
  • Skydiving versus base jumping
  • Bundesliga versus the English premier league
  • Barcelona versus Real Madrid
  • Brazil versus Germany
  • U.S team versus Jamaica team
  • Off-road racing versus formula one


In summary, there are many compare and contrast topics good enough for students. Most of the are clustered into various categories. Other such topics can revolve around psychology, movies, the medical field, fashion, writing, and much more.